The highest density microdisplay with the lowest power consumption


Excellent picture quality is an essential requirement that cannot be compromised. MicroOLED has successfully met the challenge of achieving a very small pixel with good color and grey level rendition, along with maximum brightness.

Our solution addresses these key technical constraints:

  • Due to their low optical transmission (only a few percents) LCD microdisplays are limited in resolution and can't simultaneously achieve high resolution, compactness and low power consumption. Shrinking the pixel size in order to increase resolution is not a solution – transparency will be further reduced, resulting in low luminosity or high power consumption, as well as increased visibility of pixellisation. Consequently, it is not possible to produce a higher resolution LCD that is limited to a reasonably small size.

  • LCOS microdisplays can achieve high resolution but at the cost of a complex illumination system and high power consumption.




 Our advanced pixel design and very low voltage addressing technology have enabled MicroOLED to achieve a major breakthrough in microdisplay technology. We offer the finest resolution on a very tiny microdisplay, along with exceptional brightness and very low power consumption.