Who we are

MicroOLED designs and develops high-performance microdisplays for near-to-eye applications. The company’s core offering consists of highly integrated microdisplays for use in video glasses for mobile HDTV, viewfinders for cameras, and professional applications.


Our vision

MICROOLED is uniquely positioned to enable mobile HDTV by providing high resolution microdisplays with very low power consumption.


Our location

Minatec - grenoble

Founded in 2007, MicroOLED is a privately held company whose headquarters and R&D center are located in Grenoble which is the renowned center of excellence in France for chipset and nanotechnology development.


Our team

MicroOLED is led by a seasoned management and technical team with extensive process development experience, R&D know-how and business acumen. Team members include specialists who contribute solid expertise in OLED technology and engineering from their tenure at Thomson, along with experts from CEA-LETI with a strong background in CMOS, packaging, and optics.