Our invention takes AMOLED microdisplays to the next level  

Beginning as a scientific startup in 2007, MICROOLED is today delivering high performance Near-Eye Displays (NED) for a wide range of products, such as video glasses, head-mounted sports devices, camera viewfinders, medical applications and many other professional devices worldwide.
Thanks to our unique technology, we are able to offer AMOLED microdisplays with extremely sharp images even in low light conditions. As one of the Pioneers within AMOLED products, we have pushed energy efficiency to the edge. A MICROOLED display uses several hundred times less energy compared to a monitor with equivalent image size and resolution.
Since the early days of the company, we are part of the micro- and nanotechnology hub of Grenoble, France, where we benefit from this top level technological environment for our development and manufacturing activities.

Our commitment

Providing our customers with the best high definition AMOLED microdisplays featuring very low power consumption, excellent image quality, customized for different near-eye applications.

With the world’s highest pixel density microdisplays and an ever increasing number of application fields, MICROOLED will be your sustainable partner today and in the future.

Our location

The MICROOLED headquarters, R&D and manufacturing units are located in Minatec, Grenoble, the renowned French center of excellence for semiconductor and nanotechnology.

Our team include the MICROOLED founders

The MICROOLED success is entirely due to the people that embody the company. From engineers, operators and technicians to accountants, business developers and marketers, we all have in common a profound understanding of our customers’ situation and we all commit to meet their specific needs.

The MICROOLED founders Eric Marcellin-Dibon and Gunther Haas share a longstanding experience in display technology and applications and were the initiators of the pioneer OLED research and development activities at Thomson since 2001. The creation of MICROOLED came as an obvious step further in building the OLED technology when Thomson divested the OLED branch in 2007. Ever since, they continue to extend and enrich the company with their customer oriented philosophy and deep knowledge in OLED technology as well as display applications in general.